Crude Oil Price

Oil and Gas Well Optimization

Products & Services

  • Removal of liquids in “loaded” or “loading” gas wells with plunger lift technology
  • Plunger Tracking
  • Pumping well optimization and analysis with acoustic and dynamometer technology
  • All related sales, installation and maintenance of above mentioned services
  • Pressure data logging with Calscan Hawk 9000 gauges
  • Flow Measurement with Calscan Hawk 9500
  • Chart Replacement EFM
  • AAWS (Automatic Acoustic Well Sounder)
  • Surface facility optimization
  • Field surveys focused on facility optimization
  • Acoustic Data (Tubing Hole Location, Scale, Wax, Fluid Levels, BHP’s, etc.)

AER and OGC Regulatory and Compliancy Testing

  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Lease Inspections
  • Offset Frac Monitoring
  • Packer Isolation Testing
  • Surface Casing Vent Testing
  • Suspended Well Inspection
  • Wellhead Seal Testing

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